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Dansk Sejlunion Cert. nr. 35031 Opdateret D.  17.01.17  

Lars Hendriksen
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One of the first three plywood OK dinghies build by Vejle Yachtservice. The hull shape is designed by Jan Pedersen BIG Design. The hull shape of BIG 6.0 is shaped a little fuller in the front, than the previous designs from BIG, also the shape of the bow is new. The idea is to get the longest possible theoretical waterline and the smoothest flow around the bow upwind. In the mid section of the hull, the hull is narrow in order to limit the wet surface. Because of the fullness of the bow the BIG 6.0 is good for the +85 kg sailors. The centerboard and rudder are 11mm, for minimizing the water flow as around the foils, well as the water drag in the box.
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